Business Law Services

Business owners face many legal risks where one lawsuit, one badly worded contract, or one disloyal employee can potentially destroy their entire life’s work. In many cases, the right business attorney makes all the difference. I have over twelve years of experience providing outside general counsel services in complex situations such as the purchase and sale of a business, entity formation, contracts, succession planning, employment matters, civil litigation, etc. When faced with unique challenges or even common problems, business owners are best served by an attorney who has unique insights, strategic advice, and an understanding of how to find workable solutions. I am that attorney and I am ready to serve you.


Making the decision to buy or sell a business requires a thorough analysis and legal review to ensure that your personal, financial, and legal interests are protected. Even if the transaction and written documentation seem simple, there may be undisclosed or hidden issues that only an experienced attorney can identify.

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Entity Formation

When starting a business, a critical decision that needs to be made is regarding choice of business entity. You will want to consider if a C-corporation, S-corporation, general partnership, limited partnership, or limited liability company is the best entity for your particular venture.

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Many individuals believe that they do not need an attorney to review their contracts or they feel that it is just too expensive. Unfortunately, that decision can cost them their businesses and sometimes everything else.

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One of the most overlooked business planning issues is the question of who will take over and run the business in the event that an owner cannot continue due to retirement, death, disability, or another event. These events have the potential to substantially reduce the value of the business and tie-up the business in court proceedings for long periods of time, unless a specific and detailed succession plan is implemented prior to the event.

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